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Colleen Williams


Colleen Williams is a certified public accountant and currently serves as a partner in the accounting and auditing department of McGladrey & Pullen, LLP. She has been with the Firm since 1980 (formerly Rudolph, Palitz LLC), specializes in the public sector industry, and is the Lead Public Sector Industry Specialist Partner within the Philadelphia Economic Unit of McGladrey.


Ms. Williams is a Certified Public Accountant and a graduate of Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.


Ms. Williams performs and is responsible for numerous single audits and financial audits for various non-profit and governmental organizations, school districts and authorities within the Philadelphia Economic Unit of McGladrey. She is proficient in the operations of non-profit and government entities and the related accounting and fiscal issues. Colleen brings a unique understanding of the issues facing non-profit and governmental entities.


Ms. Williams participates in numerous non-profit and governmental accounting programs, including AICPA National Non-profit and Government Conferences, GFOA National and State Conferences, PICPA Non-profit and Government Conferences, McGladrey & Pullen, LLP formal training programs for non-profit and governmental and compliance auditing updates and various courses on topics such as Single Audit Issues and Non-profit and Government Audits.


Ms. Williams has been awarded the Certificate of Educational Achievement (CEA) in Non-profit Accounting and Auditing from AICPA for successful completion of an integrated program in Non-profit Accounting and Auditing. Also awarded the AICPA’s CEA in Governmental Accounting and Auditing.


Ms. Williams has presented sessions to the Government Finance Officers Association titled “GASB Statement No. 34 Reporting Model” and “Mission: Fraud Control”. She has also presented a session to the Pennsylvania Municipal Electrical Association on “New GASB Reporting Model” and has presented “Government Auditing and Accounting Technical Updates” for the PICPA and the Government Finance Officers Association.


Ms. Willaims has served as chairperson for several of the PICPA’s School District Accounting and Auditing Conference and also spoke at several conferences on topics such as “Workpaper Content and Documentation” and “Specific Fund Use and Reporting”.


Ms. Williams has also served as chairperson of several of the PICPA’s Local Government Conferences and spoke at several PICPA Local Governmental Conference on accounting issues of government entities.

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