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Carlton Payne, Ph.D.


Carlton Payne, Ph.D., a practicing psychotherapist, author, professor, talk show host and musician, is one of the most widely sought-after experts in his field. Dr. Payne currently serves as Chief of Psychology for the Philadelphia Prison System where he is responsible for strategic plans, programs, and services related to psychological interventions for inmates and supporting staff members.


Upon completion of his doctorate in psychology at Temple University, Dr..Carlton  worked in the Juvenile Justice system, the Court of Common pleas and prison system, helping clients overcome violence and anxiety. 


After becoming the first African American chief psychologist for the Philadelphia Prison System and a professor of human development at the University of Pennsylvania, he decided to build a clinical practice focused on the mental health needs of families. He opened a clinic near the North Philadelphia neighborhood where he grew up.


Dr. Payne garnered a large following as a popular talk show co-host on WURD Radio 900 AM in Philadelphia. He has authored several books, including the controversial new book, How to Marry the Man that You Want (Even If You are Already Married), which will be released in December 2008. Dr. Carlton is also the author of How to Triumph Over Tragedy, which is a top selling guide to overcoming adversity.


Dr. Payne and is a frequent guest on the Lisa Forman Show in New York. He is also the host of a popular cable television program, Triumph over Tragedy and lives in Philadelphia with his family.

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