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  The Zoeza Institute
536 West Moreland Ave.                          Suite C                 
Philadelphia, PA 19118-4221
Toll Free: 888-297-1279  
Local: 215-701-4616
Fax: 215-701-4782    


The Zoeza Institute is a service and consulting center legally registered as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) public charity organization.  The Institute is classified as a tax-exempt entity and is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The mission and vision of the Zoeza Institute address the problems faced by troubled youth in dependent care living situations and their inability to transition to gainfully employed careers that support responsible, independent living. 


Inspired by the Swahili word “zoeza”, which means “to learn by doing”, the Institute aims to prepare troubled youth for successful transitions through access to knowledge and participation in meaningful, interactive learning experiences.  Utilizing three foundation pillars (Educational Supplementation, Social Immersion, and Professional Preparation), the Institute executes an ambitious set of goals and deliverables under the tutelage of a nationally recognized Board of Trustees and executive staff. To implement the mission of the organization, the Zoeza Institute focuses on delivering services in three primary areas:  Mentoring, Consulting, and Knowledge Management.


Operationally, the Zoeza Institute functions as a network of Institutes that provide a comprehensive set of services to support the successful career transition of troubled youth in dependent care settings.  The Institutes physically operate in or near dedicated and established non-traditional (out-of-home) care settings. A special site development process is utilized to customize an integration and operational approach for each Institute. Staff and affiliated members are each certified to protect the well-being of the youth served and ensure proper training and competencies for specific work profiles.  The Institute hosts a variety of events to enhance the learning practicum for members and promote the work of the Institute for enhanced participation and partners from all sectors contribute to the Institute’s interventions and solutions and supplement core programming areas. 


Finally, the Institute takes special care to measure the benefits and impact of delivered services to help improve operations, share best practices, and evaluate return on investment.


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